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Tron: Legacy Pro Pinball Machine by Stern $10,999.00
Batman 66 Premium Pinball Machine
Batman 66 Premium Pinball Machine $10,999.00
Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 1992
Dimensions: 28″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks

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White Water Pinball Machine by Williams

The White Water pinball machine was planned by Dennis Nordman and delivered by Williams. The subject depends on the White water boating, which is reflected in the game’s ‘wild’ inclines and exceptionally quick ongoing interaction.

White Water is a non-authorized pinball machine with the essential goal of dropping your pontoon down the stream to “Wet Willy’s” to get the “Excursion Jackpot.” You drop your pontoon down the waterway by shooting the blazing “Danger” shots, each with an interesting boating topic name. Each time you complete a pontoon, the quantity of “Danger” shots you should hit effectively to finish the following pontoon increments. It takes eight finished pontoons to progress to “Wet Willy’s.” Successfully finishing “Wet Willy’s” empowers the player to endeavor the assortment of the “Get-away Jackpot.” There are ensuing targets in the game, which include:

  • Multiball: To begin multiball, light the lock ball shot by hitting the “Light” and “Lock” targets and afterward effectively shooting the ball in the ball lock, additionally called the “No chance to get Out” Hazard; doing this multiple times will begin multiball.
  • Whirlpool: Completing the “Whirlpool” shot will initiate one of six honors or modes, not entirely set in stone by what is lit when the “Whirlpool” shot is hit. To light the “Whirlpool”, in this manner making the shot dynamic, effectively hit the “Craziness Falls” shot. In the wake of hitting the “Madness Falls” shot, you will know the “Whirlpool” is dynamic when the red light over the shot is lit. One of the six honors or modes begins when the Whirlpool shot, likewise called “Bigfoot Bluff”, is effectively contended.
  • Big Foot Hotfoot: There are two “Hotfoot” focuses in the playfield. Hitting the two targets involves a total “Hotfoot”, and the “Hotfoot” targets are reset. Contingent upon the machine settings, effectively finishing the predefined number of “Hotfoot” targets begins the “Bigfoot Hotfoot” mode which permits the player to get progressive “Bigfoot Jackpots.”
  • Lost Mine: Hitting the ball in the “Lost Mine” gave grants a thing expected to begin the “Gold Rush” multiball. There are three things that should be gathered to begin this multiball, a spotlight, a guide, and a key; and these things can be gathered through either the “Lost Mine” or the “Bigfoot Hotfoot.” Once each of the three things has been gathered, effectively hitting the “Lost Mine” shot beginnings the “Gold Rush” multiball.

Game Features:

Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Upper mini-playfield, Left outlane kickback. Multiple ramps. “Whirlpool” funnel. Toys include an interactive BigFoot figure that needs to be distracted in order to let the ball come into his cave. Bigfoot turns and spins his head for certain shots.

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250 lbs


56 x 28 x 77 in


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